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The Nippy Chippy has been here in Stonehouse for 30 years now! In that time Nippy Chippy has established itself as the best in Stonehouse!

There was a rough patch where the famous local manager Mark left to go help elsewhere, But now Mark is back Nippy Chippy is back to it’s best! and what better way to celebrate being back then to add a Online Store where you can order for Delivery/ Collection.

  • Pay by Credit or Debit Card
  • Pay by Cash on Collection or Delivery
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

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We like to ensure we are always with the new trends, That’s why we have lots of exclusive Meal Deals.

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We don’t just enjoy cooking Food for you, We enjoy people enjoying our food. That’s why a review on any platform like Google, Facebook or Trip Advisor. Goes a very long way to ensuring we still keep providing excellent service and yes, of course, every time we see a review we smile just like you smile when you open that box to see a big portion of fresh fish ready to eat.

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Fully Managed Websites & Online Stores...

RedsWebs provide a Fully Managed Service, Where they will build, manage & maintain your site/ store.

Even better is that with this service comes there 24/7 expert support & changes. Meaning anything we want to be done to our site/ store they do it for us straight after the phone call!

See or Call them now for FREE on any Mobile/ Landline on – 0800 999 8644.